Open Positions:

We provide the opportunity, engagement, responsibility, and remuneration that makes Spark rewarding for every team member.

Job descriptions which contain compensation figures represent first-year total compensation for elite candidates. Compensation may be higher for candidates with outstanding qualifications, an advanced degree, or relevant experience. Successful candidates will be expected to earn significantly more as time goes on.

If you’re interested in joining our team but won’t have the opportunity to otherwise meet us, you may apply online.

While every position is different, because of our business strategy all positions share certain characteristics:

  • Intellectual and creative work on a daily basis.
  • Potential for geometric increases in production as your skills advance.
  • An opportunity for significant growth based on performance.

On-Campus Recruiting

We have historically participated in recruiting on a few campuses each year.

We are currently participating virtually in on-campus recruiting for COVID-19 reasons.  We continue to sponsor student organizations.

Recruiting Process

We’d like to tell you how to maximize your opportunities in our three step recruiting process.

We receive thousands of resumes each year. We review each one and pick the best candidates for a handful of positions.

First, you need to apply. Study the position descriptions, pick out the position most appealing to you, and follow the application instructions.

Only a small number of applicants are invited to the second stage, screening interviews. The type of questions asked and the interview process will vary by position but may include several phone interviews and the chance to interview with your potential supervisor and senior management.

A select group of applicants will advance to the third stage, in-house interviews. We aim to hire a high proportion of these talented candidates. Candidates in this elite group will have the opportunity to speak with most of our current staff. Details about these later steps will be tailored to and discussed with the candidate as they move further in the process.