Two-Week Internships

You can potentially double your experiences, double the information you have to make your decisions, and double your summer earnings with two weeks of work at Spark. We seek exceptional students who would like the chance to gauge their potential impact. Our flexible schedule will allow you to learn more about hedge funds and take advantage of two summer opportunities the year before you graduate.

We are offering high-achieving students this compact internship experience before they finalize their post-college path. This is a highly selective internship, and no more than five interns will be chosen each year. It can be more difficult to get an intern role than a full-time role in our firm, and your intern compensation reflects your potential value as a full-time employee rather than the value of work you may produce in your condensed learning experience. Interns who do well may be asked to join our team full-time. In the program’s inaugural year, the students selected for the two-week exploration came from both the humanities and the sciences.

What roles have two-week internships?

Internships are available for the following full-time roles: Strategic Planning and PhD Computer Scientist. These full-time opportunities are described elsewhere on this website. Strategic Planning is a priority at this time.

What will I be doing?

Each intern will get a substantive sampling of Spark. Each internship will be tailored to the candidate’s role, strengths, and interests, but it is likely that each intern will be working closely with their supervisor to execute timely projects in their functional area. The internships primarily focus on hands-on learning experiences.

Why is the pay so high?

We want to ensure that high-achieving individuals of all backgrounds and circumstances have the chance to try out our rewarding environment, should it be of interest to them. Intern compensation primarily reflects the potential value to our firm of finding a full-time employee.

What kind of value can I add in two weeks?

The purpose of our internship program is in offering exceptional candidates the opportunity to try out our firm and to learn about hedge funds. This will help both parties: interns get information they need to achieve better and best outcomes for themselves in full-time and post-graduate roles, and Spark may hire exceptional candidates. Our program is very selective, and we will only bring on interns whom we believe have the potential to learn and even contribute in a very short period of time. In only two weeks, our environment will enable interns to absorb a lot of information about their future plans, ideal situations, and productivity.

Who can apply?

This internship is intended for undergraduate and graduate students the summer before their last year. While we will consider applicants from all backgrounds, these types of applicants will be more likely to be a good fit. Beyond that, we are open to people from all types of academic and extracurricular experiences.

When does the internship take place?

To a great extent, we will work around your schedule to determine your best two weeks. The objective of this program is to give exceptional candidates the time to try another opportunity over the summer as well.

What are the unique advantages of this opportunity?

Whether you conduct research, work at another firm, or travel abroad over your summer, you will have the chance to take on one more experience at Spark to better understand your upcoming longer-term options and decisions. At short duration and high compensation, our internship affords this chance to anyone who may be interested in securing their best outcome, regardless of other interests or financial status.

What are the unique challenges?

Our internship runs only a couple weeks, so you will need to learn a lot in a condensed period of time to get the full worth of the experience. You will need to focus and pay attention, both to do well in the program and to extract the best value for yourself. The two-week internship roles are extremely selective, even more so than full-time employment.

What is the expected compensation for this position?

We anticipate a minimum package of $45K for the two-week internship.