We hail from all over the United States and the world.

About one-third of the team has a PhD, and this holds for management as well. Because of the company’s small size and lean operation, each individual can make unique contributions and has a significant impact.

Our eminent group is egalitarian and hard-working with diverse backgrounds.

We look at value added and production in the broadest sense. Everyone can see that a quant who invents a trading strategy has “produced” if the strategy is successful and does not involve taking excessive or hidden risks. We also value an office manager who helps projects move more quickly, the compliance analyst who ensures that things are done properly, an information technologist who creates a great computer environment, or the recruiter who hires all of those people. Non-quantitative contributions to the bottom line, while harder to measure, can exceed purely quantitative ones. Rewards here are based on genuine value added and net production in the aggregate and are not limited by title, background, or experience.


Our small company’s organization functions more like a web than a traditional top-down structure. It can be broken down into three parts:

The Portfolio Management Group

Creates the models that generate theoretically desirable trades in financial instruments, along with the framework to produce those trades consistently and accurately from price and other data.

The Technology and Execution Group

Converts theoretical trades into real-world market activity that impacts the bottom line.

General Management

Handles everything else: setting policy, moving the company into new areas, and creating growth.

This breakdown cuts across reporting lines, and some people could be considered to be in more than one of these categories.