Quantitative Trader

What will I be doing?

Converting models and concepts into profitable trading strategies.

What will I be learning?

You’ll learn about quantitative trading in general, including trading, portfolio selection, risk management, and transaction cost analysis.  You will also learn the business and technology sides of quantitative trading.  You’ll continue to improve your existing quantitative skills while adding new ones.  You will add business-side skills while building from your quantitative base.

How is this different from Quantitative Strategist?

Both positions require strong quantitative and computer skills.  The Quantitative Strategist starts with data and creates a forecasting model.  The Quantitative Trader starts with a forecasting model and creates a trading strategy.  The Quantitative Trader may also optimize existing trading strategies.

What are the unique advantages of this opportunity?

You’ll be developing multiple quantitative skills and the business-side capabilities to multiply their value.  You may be able to add more value per unit of your quantitative ability than in a purely quantitative role.

There is quicker, more accurate feedback about the quality of your work from the impact on the bottom line than in most positions.

What are the unique challenges of this opportunity?

To get trading strategies to work and to scale, you’ll need to be willing to add real-world skills to your existing quantitative base.

Since you will not be developing alpha forecasting models on a full-time basis, you won’t learn as much about alpha forecasting as in a quantitative strategist role.