Senior Systems Technologist

What will I be doing?

We have a kaleidoscope of systems needs, from creating our crypto infrastructure to implementing Office 365 across all our users.  Security is an additional concern with every digital task we undertake.


What is impactful about this role?

The Senior Systems Technologist will work with the senior leadership team, all of whom have significant technology backgrounds and interests, to contribute to and implement company-wide technology infrastructure initiatives.  Technology is a force multiplier, so your work will multiply the functioning of the company as a whole.


What are the unique advantages of this opportunity?

You will have an unconstrained budget and we ask you to bring an unconstrained mind in approaching the variety of systems issues we face, whether deciding if minor OS issues users face are worth fixing to upgrading our disk arrays to researching which cloud vendors we should use and how to mitigate the associated risks.  You can own a multifaceted technology role that will bring to bear all of your experiences and insights while getting ample opportunity to think strategically, be hands-on, and consider new products as well. We have a small team composed of sophisticated users.


What are the unique challenges of this opportunity?

Standards will be high, and we need someone who can execute: bringing in new technologies in a thoughtful, consistent, and simple manner, maximizing leverage while minimizing the time wasted dealing with recurring problems.